Do you want to have an eco-friendly wedding but struggling with your city location?  Fear not! Whilst I was the Eco Blogger for  The Great British Wedding blog I wrote a piece on my top tips for having an eco wedding in the city – and I wanted to share on here as well. I hope you find it useful – feel free to share any more tips in the comments below!

1. Venue

Check out your venue’s eco policies. Some venues actually promote their Green credentials like this stunning hotel by the Thames, Hotel Rafayel. They highlight their Eco Lighting system, they have a no plastic policy and are heavy on using recycled goods and recycling the water themselves.

Your choice of venue has a huge impact on how eco-friendly your wedding is. My advice is to go for only one venue.  You save massively on your carbon footprint, as you and all your guests are not having to travel between different locations. Lots of places can now perform the ceremony and host the reception and party. My wedding at the Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich did exactly that. I even arrived in a black cab that we hailed that morning and lots of guests arrived via public transport, this leads me nicely to…

2. Transport

If you are getting married in one of the big cities, encourage people to use the public transport options. Rail, trams, boats and buses. If these aren’t an option, why don’t you hire a bus and collect from multiple pick-ups around the town? This is a big win with your guests too as they can all enjoy a drink!

Why don’t you consider arriving on a pedicab? Check out this company operating in Bristol and Bath, Pedal Power Events.  My husband got to our wedding via the Tube and Docklands Light Railway!  It certainly can make your day memorable, just check for engineering works before you leave 😉 One of our Real Brides, Emilie, also got to her wedding on the tube!

3. Food

Cities have the advantage of being close to lots of big local markets that can get locally sourced food.  Keep your menu seasonal so for example don’t have Asparagus in spring. Out of season food has to be imported and that is a big environmental cost.  It also reduces the cost as well if you stay in season and keep it local. On a side note, you can even save money by getting your friends/family to make your wedding cake. My mum did mine and it was amazing!!

4. Flowers

Just like the food, if you keep your flowers seasonal, this is VERY eco-friendly.  Why don’t you go to the flower markets of the big cities and source the flowers yourself and get someone to arrange them for you on the day?

You could also consider replacing flowers with something that you can keep and reuse.  You don’t have to have a flower bouquet. What about a brooch one or one made out of pinecones?! Centre pieces could be balloons, books, pictures…. Get creative!  Check out my Pinterest  boards for some inspiration!

5. Wedding Website

Reducing paper is something I know about.  I have been running Paperless Wedding  since 2009 in Australia and 2014 in the UK.  Why don’t you consider sending digital save-the-dates and invitations, and setting up a matching Wedding Website so you can keep your guests up to date with everything about your wedding? Give them ideas on how to travel to your wedding, share your thoughts on your ‘eco’ wedding and encourage them to be a ‘Greeny’ for a day. This saves lots of additional paper in your invitations and lets your guest feel more involved in your day from the very beginning.

6. Blogs and Online Magazines

Finally the other suggestion I have for all you city couples, don’t buy magazines – go online.  Blogs can give you everything you need.  With Wedding Mags you have to wait once a month to be inspired. Blogs can give you daily inspiration. However if you miss that magazine check out the many digital magazine options such as Mr&Mrs Unique.

So, I hope I have inspired you to go that bit green on your wedding day and maybe I have save you a few pennies too.  Do let me know below!