Our Alphabet inspired Wedding blog posts this week looks at Eco Weddings and Sustainability. I did share an article this week on Facebook about an Australian Nutritionist having a very Eco wedding that even included a pre wedding Yoga Session for guests. If you are thinking about the environment while planning your wedding then this post is for you!

I spotted this great environmentally-sustainable wedding venue called Folly Farm Centre.  It is located in a 250-acre nature reserve near Bristol and Bath. It boasts numerous eco features such as rainwater harvesting and biomass heating, all profits from the Centre are gift-aided to the local wildlife charity, Avon Wildlife Trust, to protect wildlife and inspire people about nature. I think you will agree that is a great base to start planning your Eco Wedding. Jade Preddy from Folly Farm Centre, shares some top tips to help with your planning.


So what does Sustainability actually mean?

“Meeting the needs of the present without comprising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs”.

For environmentally-aware couples, the idea of sustainability will run through many aspects of their lives, and their wedding day should be no different.

From the moment you send your wedding invitations, you can make choices to make your wedding day eco-friendly. It may only seem like one day, but when you think there were 301,254 thousand weddings in 2012, the impact of everyone’s one day soon adds up.  However, with a few simple swaps, you can make the world of difference.

1.    Go online
In our digital world, when most forms of communication are online, many couples still opt for paper invites. Online invites and wedding websites are fun, informative and oh so green. (Paperless Wedding could not agree more to this statement, thanks Jade!)

2.    Something borrowed…
The recent trend for vintage (essentially ‘borrowing’ form the past) is doing wonders for the environment! Find your perfect vintage dress online in specialist ‘preloved’ shops. For suits, rent or get the groomsmen to wear their own – in can add such individuality to the day.

3.    A venue that cares
Do they use eco cleaning products and recycle? Do they care about low food miles? Do they give to charity? Venues that care about the environment are some of the most beautiful, usually because they are inspired by their location. Get married in the woods, on a beach or in a stunning wildflower garden…

4.    Think seasonal and embrace ‘ugly’
Choose a caterer that cares. Do they use Fairtrade products to ensure that the food you will eat on your wedding day is helping the producers in the developing world? Do they use ‘ugly’ vegetables? You know, the knobbly carrots that some caterers throw away! There are an increasing number of caterers that are offering green alternatives, including Fareshare –who cater using food ‘thrown away’ by the food industry.

5.  British blooms
Some brides are opting for non-floral bouquets, often opting for bouquets made of buttons or recycled paper. For those wanting the real deal, then opt for flowers that are in season. This way, flowers can be sourced from the UK (currently over 80% of wedding flowers are imported).

6.    Be meaningful
For favours, avoid novelty items that may be chuckled at once and then forgotten. Instead, go for something meaningful – provide native wildflowers for so you can ‘spread the love’ of your big day. Perhaps you want to do away with gifts and ask guests to make a donation to your favourite charity instead.

These tips from Jade are great and we hope help you think about planning your ‘Green’ Wedding.  To find out more about Folly Farm.

Telephone: 01275 331 590
Website: follyfarm.org
Stowey, Pensford, Bristol, BS39 4DW

Photo credit: Elan Images