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I would like to introduce you to Orchid and Grove, a fab New Zealand based wedding registry service that has a great eco friendly ethos.

The wonder of this New Zealand service is that if they don’t have the gift listed, they will source it for you.  They can provide gifts unwrapped, which saves paper and deliver them all together, within NZ, which is great carbon footprint saving. If you use Paperless Wedding, you will just need to add their web address to your site and you save having to send out cards with the list details on them.

So lets crack on with this quick fire Q&A with Nick.

What is Orchid and Grove?

We are an online wedding registry and homeware store, created to give couples full control over the content of the gifts they choose for their wedding registry.

Where did this cool name come from?

Orchid was a bar on Ponsonby Road where we had our awkward but relaxed first date way back in 2007, and Grove from our surname.  We like it.

Who are the faces behind the name?

I am Nick and I’m married to Steph and we’ve 2 lovely young girls and live in Ellerslie, Auckland.

Nick and Steph haning out in Mission bay

What makes you ecofriendly?

We offer a paperless option and reuse cardboard boxes from other suppliers. Gifts will come wrapped (default option) or unwrapped – your choice! Just let us know.

What are you top tips to couples planning their day?

1. Do it together.

2. Incorporate each person’s ‘must haves’ into the day.

3. Consult with parents (you don’t have to do it their way but including them in planning is a great thing to do).

4. Make some time for just you on the day (even if it’s just 20minutes).

Other tips…

We have written a few blogs on helping couples. Check out ‘The Stress free way of preparing the Guest list‘. Also “All you need to know about setting up a wedding registry‘.

What is your selling point to couples planning their wedding?

Your registry, your way. We have a fantastic range of products and can add anything else from anywhere. Easy to create and manage and we provide full support for customers.

Orchid and Grove gift ideas

What do guests have to do?

Guests simply shop online and we take care of the rest including wrapping, delivery, and gift messages if they like. This can all be done electronically depending on the couple’s wishes.

What 3 things would be on your gift list today?

1. Quality kitchen knives.

2. A DeWalt cordless drill.

3. Crystal vase.

Items that you wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself but will last a lifetime and always be a reminder of your wedding day.


Thanks to Nick for sharing his company with us. In retrospect I think my top three on my wedding gift list would now be, cordless handheld Dyson, Kitchen Aid and a steam mop!  (Can you tell I have two kids?!) What would yours be? let us know in the comments below!

I discovered this company via their pretty Instagram feed. Instagram is great for getting ideas on your weddings and even gifts you might want.

To get in touch with Orchid and Grove and create your gift list, go to the links below.