This is the first day back to work for most people. The weeks of over eating and drinking are now behind us…..except me, as today is my Birthday.  A rotten time of year to have it (thanks M&D!) but thanks to a wonderful husband, as you read this, I will be out for a rather nice lunch.

I just wanted to share with you some of the highlights of 2014 with you before we embark on an exciting year together. We launched this beta site in September which was an amazing feeling after months (and months of work). By the end of Jan, we will add the final new features before considering it 100% Live.

We have grown on Social Media:

Over 150 new followers on Facebook,
Over 100 new followers of our Pinterest boards and over 
Over 500 new followers on Twitter.

New Designs:

We had a lot of designs from when we launched in Australia and New Zealand.  However we have added to them with several new themes and collaborated with several new designers.

We are loving working with Nikki from Knots and Kisses, Louise from Coeur, Simon from Skyblue and Sam from Purple Tree. We look forward to adding more themes over the coming months. 

Visitors to our site:

We have had sign ups on the site to try our free Save the Dates and people are testing out our two week free trial. We have sent out invitations to New Zealand, South Africa and America to name but a few. According to Google analytics we have reduced our bounce rate from 60% to 30% and people are staying on our site longer and longer which is awesome news. 

Press Coverage:

We have been featured in several blogs and appear in many directories, see our News and Press section. I love sharing my story and inspiring people to go digital. I am loving working with The Great Britsh Wedding as their Eco Wedding blogger and have been featured twice already with another one being published later this month.

So what does 2015 hold?

Looking forward to appearing on Smashing the Glass Blog, working with Buy Our Honeymoon and being featured on A Real Brides Guide. There is also a lot more in the pipeline.

We working on number of things on the site, including this blog. We are improving the creation of your own pages for your website, adding new packages, new themes, improving the theme selection display and fixing an bugs that have been logged. There is also work to be done on the display and interaction on tablets and mobiles as it would appear a lot of people use these mediums over the desktop and laptops now.

We will continue to be a regular contributor to the #weddinghour on Twitter, which is hosted by The Wedding Affair on a Wednesday between 9-10pm. We hope you will join us there. We will be posting regular blog posts and Facebook updates, so you are across all things weddings on a weekly basis!

That just leaves me to say thank you for the support for 2014 and roll on for a busy, wedding filled 2015.

Thank you.