I am delighted to introduce a new designer who will be featuring her themes on the site, Gabrielle Vickery.  I love this part of my job as I get to collaborate and talk with other people who are passionate about design and the wedding industry. Gabrielle works at Storm, Design, Web & Print.

So Gabby tell us a bit about business and what made you link up with us?

We just love to design! I’ve been working with my business partner Ralph Watson for over 15 years now and we love coming to work, no project is ever the same. Joining up with Paperless Wedding is a wonderful experience because it allows us to let our imagination take over, we can get romantic and whimsical, or cutting edge and dynamic. No two designs are ever the same.

What would you say your style is?

In our daily work we will provide whatever style the client asks for. Sometimes a client will need a traditional old style feel to a piece of work, and other times it’s more modern and minimalist. We love to try all sorts of designs depending on the brief. With Paperless Wedding It’s wonderful to be able to freestyle, this allows us to be much more organic with our choice of graphics and colours.

Tells us what you love about designing:

We love seeing a beautiful design come together on the page and on the screen. It’s that wonderful mix of information and atmosphere, invoking a feeling from inside which is also so pleasing to the eye.

What do you love about weddings?

Who doesn’t love a wedding! It’s the whimsy, the romance and the bliss. Billowing fabrics, soft gentle colours, music and food, laughter and love. Put that together with outstanding wedding themes, flower and glitz, it’s an all encompassing mix of sensations and experiences in one beautiful day.

How do you do your bit for the environment?

We recycle paper and materials all the time, we buy budget products. At home we upcycle our own furniture rather than throw it away. We use the school bus rather than doing the school run in our car. We do all sorts of things every day that make a difference to the environment.

What is your best budget saving tips in life?

Upcycle your own furniture rather than tipping it by using decoupage, it can turn a totally knackered chest of drawers into something that you can’t live without! Check out my facebook page if you would like to see my experiments!

When not working what are your other passions?

My passions at the moment are upcycling old furniture, I absolutely love it.

I am also writing a spirit blog on whether or not there is live after death, and can anyone become psychic? I’m really loving writing it, even though I’m absolutely not a writer, so I get a real kick whenever anyone actually reads it and comments. Have a look at it here.

Lastly I’m a virtual lingerie designer for the game Second Life, so I design pixel lingerie for virtual avatars who pay me real money to clothe their bodies! How nuts is THAT?!

We look forward to producing lots more designs for Paperless Weddings and we look forward to supporting you on your very special day.
The latest theme “Oriental Garden” is now live on the site, with more coming soon!