We have had a great 2015 and it is thanks to you! The UK has grown month on month and we are being shared on Facebook and tweeted about. We have had several sign ups citing “word of mouth”, which is the best recommendation you can get. We have 500 likes on our Facebook Page and Twitter followers increase daily, with over 1600 followers at the moment.

These beautiful weddings are some that have featured on our blog over the last year, and some are a sneak peek of the Australian and New Zealand weddings we have done too. We have had some lovely feedback as well.


“Paperless Wedding goes above and beyond in their service to couples” – Rosie Ames

“Paperless Wedding made the whole process much easier for us to plan our UK leg of the wedding. As we were getting married abroad, our bigger party was to be held back here in Birmingham. They provided the tools to allow information and updates to be clearly delivered to the wedding guests in a theme of our own creation, allowing us to match the website to our wedding colours. The website photo sharing also allowed us to share photos of our wedding day in Florida prior to us arriving home so people could keep updated without us having to resort to social media!” – Craig and Beth Hooper

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Personally I have had a pretty awesome year too. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in April and my daughter was 3 earlier this month. Things in our house are never quiet! We have a family filled Christmas week of festivities.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  I look forward to helping you plan your weddings next year!

Thank you so much for your support.

Em x