We are really lucky to have another theme on the site!  Lynsey for Uniquely White has created her magic again and come up with this lovely lace themed design.

Lace wedding website theme in apricot

Lynsey created this theme using the Theme Creator that is available for everyone to have a go at creating their own designs It shows what great designs can be achieved.  Lynsey has also added another two colour options, light blue and mosey green, which we hope will match in with your theme of the day. If you want a colour that is NOT there, do get in touch with us and I can arrange for that colour to be added.

These designs are also available in paper directly through Uniquely White. She can also provide seating plans and other wedding accessories for your big day. 

Save the Date lace themeSave the Date lace theme

We also have a Pinterest board that goes with this theme. We hope it helps inspires you for other ideas to accessories your day. 

Happy planning!