It is the month of love and so it calls for another new theme.  Last month we were in the romantic city of Paris, this month we are gazing upon some beautiful Peonies. This has been designed by Louise of Coeur. She has also designed the popular Dotti theme as well as Soiree Magical

The Peony is a beautiful lightly fragrant flower. that typical blooms at the end of the spring. It is perfect for floral arrangements with their lush and full rounded bloom. Here are some interesting facts about the Peony.  On your 12th Wedding Anniversary, it is the traditional flower to be given as a gift. Indiana, USA, has it as its state flower and it is also the floral symbol of China too!


It is also said to be an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage, so a perfect theme for your big day!  Why don’t you try out our Save the dates? (Have I mentioned Save the Dates are FREE?!)


Our designs allow you to edit text and wording. Go into our Theme Creator and make the amendments. When creating your wedding website you can add additional pages so you can cover all aspects of your wedding from accommodation, through to the running order on the day. The options are endless!

We have also created a Pinterest board with ideas to help inspire you. So do drop by and have a look. Happy planning. x