I love Facebook, maybe a little too much my husband might say!  I am often posting photos and commenting.  When we set up Paperless Wedding, we knew a guestbook would be needed to allow people to leave the couple messages, or to communicate to the wider wedding group of arrangements.

The Guestbook can be used by you in 2 ways. You can use it just for gathering lovely comments – which you can download and keep! You could use it as a way for people to RSVP, if you have done WEBSITE ONLY option.

For option 2 to work, you would need to mention this requirement in your paper invitation.

To communicate these options you can add some ‘Intro Text’ that will appear at the top of your Guestbook, letting guests know what the page is for.  If you are asking them to RSVP you can let them know that their reply won’t be made public (unless of course you want to.)!

Here is a little snapshot of how your guestbook will look. A nice memory of the years events don’t you think?!

If you would prefer not to have this at all, that is OK too.  You can switch it off from “Your Pages”.

Happy creating!