Our new and improved photo gallery section on the site is really cool. OK I am biased but once you have tried it I am sure you will agree.  It gives you lot more options of how to display your photos and which ones you want to make public.

From this new homepage you can set up multiple albums.  Before the wedding, they could include your engagement shoot or maybe a ‘Whose Who’ at the wedding. After the big day you can set up new albums for your official photos.  As guests upload their photos, new albums are created for them. TOP TIP!! You can send out a ‘Reminder’ email though the site to let people know when there is a lot to see and will remind them to login and have a look.  You can even include those who could not make it to your big day.

It is exciting to see the photos coming in.  From your Paperless Wedding homepage you will see when new content has been uploaded. Then you go to your gallery and approve or delete them.

This functionality prevents naughty best men from uploading pictures you might not want the world to see!

When you want to upload photos, you can do a bulk at a time.

All the photos uploaded will be available for download.  We are working on improving the download functionality as currently you download all photos EVERY time you hit download.

Top Tip! Only Download when you know that everyone has uploaded what they want to.  This will save space on your computer.

I think you will agree that the albums look great and the slideshow lets you sit back and enjoy them!

Below are a few handy tips about uploading photos from our FAQ section.

Why does my picture look wrong? If your picture appears distorted, or pixelated it may be because the image you’ve uploaded is very small or of low quality, try uploading a larger image and see if it looks better.

What files can you upload? When uploading images we accept the following filetypes: jpeg/jpg, gif, and png. This covers most filetypes used on websites and any standard image software package can save images in these formats.

What size should they be? Any images that you upload will be resized to a maximum width of 900 pixels. As for the filesize, we suggest no more than 2mb, this should be plenty for most images, if you are trying to upload images larger than this then you need to resize them to 900 pixels wide yourself. In windows you can do this using the built in photo gallery: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows-live/photo-gallery-edit-photos-faq and in Mac you can do this using the built in tools when viewing an image: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH5936