Ben and Ali Wedding by Alexa Loy Photograhpy - Wedding Balloons

I love a festival wedding and this was an amazing wedding. The marriage of Ali and Ben took place at Brighton Town Hall before they were transported to this amazing venue called Keepers Mead, West Sussex.  They had erected some fab Tipis, created a forest of adventure for big and little people to explore. Truly magical wedding! All of this was captured by the talented Alexa Loy.

Ben and Ali Wedding by Alexa Loy Photograhpy - Bride and her bridesmaids

Ali’s biggest piece of advice for future brides and grooms would be “to choose suppliers whose work you love and who you trust and have a good relationship with”. Our photographer Alexa has a really big heart and I’ve got to know her so much better over the last few months, and I’m so happy to now call her my friend. I can’t recommend Alexa highly enough.”

Ben and Ali Wedding by Alexa Loy Photograhpy - Wedding first look

Ben and Ali Wedding by Alexa Loy Photograhpy - They are married

Ben and Ali Wedding by Alexa Loy Photograhpy - First dance

Ali and Ben’s wedding was featured on a fantastic website called Rock N Roll Bride.  There are a lot more photos and details about the big day on there, so do check it out. Lots of photos are also on my Pinterest boards too, as it was just too good and had to be shared!

In regards to tips for other couples getting married Ali has given lots so in no particular order!….

Definitely get a videographer

Don’t worry about asking for help if you’re getting too swamped. There is always so much to do for a wedding, and there was a point that I got to where I just really needed some extra hands, and my friends were only too pleased to help!

Of course the most important people to please on the day are the Bride & Groom, but all your friends and family have been with you through your journey together to get to this point, and also travelled to be at the wedding – so try your best to make everyone as comfortable as possible! I tried to think about the whole day from start to finish from a guest’s point of view, to make sure that they would be warm, entertained, happy and perhaps even occasionally surprised!!

If it’s possible, plan time before and after the day to spend time with your closest friends and family. The day itself goes so quickly, and there are so many things to do and people to talk to, that it’s really lovely to have some quieter time with those dearest to you. For example I spent the day before the wedding with my bridesmaids, and the day after with both our families. I felt so much love and happiness for 72 hours straight!

If you’re making things (like decorations) yourself, give yourself plenty of time to get it all done. I made almost everything from scratch, and realised it would take me a while to get through it all, so ensured I had enough free time (and space in the house!) to make all the bits! It was REALLY fun!! I would highly recommend it!

Pinterest became my best friend! So much inspiration on there for absolutely everything wedding-related!

If you have a lot to organise/prepare, use something like Google Sheets (or other spreadsheet software) so you can keep track of everything. It can get overwhelming! If you can keep a note of the things you’ve done, stuff still to do, what’s paid for etc, it actually helps you keep calm. The good thing about Google sheets is that it’s collaborative! You can share it with your bridesmaids/groom so they can help too, if you need it!


Thanks to Ali and Ben for letting me share their photos again and reliving the magic.  So glad that Paperless Wedding could provide you with a website for your big day!

Wishing you every happiness together!