We are casting the net a bit further a field for this Real Wedding of the week. Anette and Mattias celebrated their marriage at a Swedish vineyard, Flädie Mat & Vingård, which is located in the small village of Flädie, between Lund and Bjärred.

Anette looked absolutely stunning with the most amazing headpiece that set off her outfit fantastically. Such a lovely accessory that enabled her sense of style to shine through!

Anette’s advice is not to get hooked on small things like flowers or dessert (although the food was amazing!), the main thing is to enjoy and breathe in the day, put value in the people who are there to celebrate with you. Try to constantly think “be in the moment” it’s not going to matter if they plates were white or red, it’s not what people remember.

We did a nice thing that everyone appreciated, we wrote a few sentences on each and every one who came to our wedding so everyone could read about each other. It was fun and sparkled quite a few laughs throughout the night. Another tip would be make sure you pick a great toastmaster, who can time speeches and dinner well. It kept the day flowing and we did not have to worry about timings, it all just happened!

The day was perfectly captured by UK photographer Vanessa Berberian.