We have be running in the UK for only just a year, and we are now seeing photos of happy couples that have used our service.  Our latest couple are Katharyn and Pete, who got married on a beautiful sunny day in August in Northamptonshire.

They used the whole package (website and invitations), and put absolutely everything on their website. They put things to help guests beforehand like places to stay, main ways of getting to the Church and Reception venue, and a link to a wedding gift list. They put the full details of all the events of the day. It was great to see the site being used just as I imagined it would be!

Katharyn’s advice is to just tackle wedding jobs one job at a time. Don’t get to hung up on the little things, at the start, they will fall into place as the big jobs get sorted. Try and to at least do one job a week, idea, plan, sort, tick. Don’t worry if it doesn’t get done the second you want it to, it will get sorted! And get the dresses as early as possible!

They got married in Katharyn’s home church at St Giles, Desborough. and had their Reception in the Wilbarston Village Hall, which they decorated themselves. Katharyn said that ‘they had some of the best food at our wedding! We didn’t want anything too fancy so we had a hog roast and buffet, which was done by Bitz and Bites. Our friends and family, did the flowers, both at the venues and the bouquets, for me and my bridesmaids. And the cake was made by my mother.’

I loved this piece of feedback from the couple as it really does show how much time and money we can save people.  They said, ‘We really liked how we could update our website when new information became available, as send an email to our guests without having another set of post to send out with another set of postage.’

Thanks to Katharyn and Pete for sharing their photos and giving me great feedback. We hope you had a wonderful honeymoon and have a long an happy life together.

All the very best to you both!