In my last post I talked about wedding traditions. We broke the wedding tradition of sending paper invites, but I would like to think we created a new one. When I went to choose my wedding dress, I knew I wanted a veil, but when I looked at the price I was a little bit surprised. How can a piece of netting cost that much?! Apparently it can.

I found ‘the one’ on the first day of looking for a dress, but wanted to sleep on it before parting with the cash. The next day I had a little surprise when I returned with my sister, my best friend and my mum. I put the dress on, knowing instantly that this was it, when my mum produced a box. Inside the box was my mum’s veil. It was a perfect match for the dress and finished off the look. Suffice to say there were a few tears!

We spruced it up a bit, added some Swarovski crystal to the hair grip which I sewed myself! It was ready for my big day and its second big day.

Oct 24th arrived and placing the veil over my face was like living the fairy tale. A veil really makes you feel like a true bride, it takes you back to the days when you used to dress up and pretend. It was my something old next to my lovely new dress!

Thanks mum xx