Happy Mothers Day!!

Where would we be without our mums?!….(not here says my husband,,,haha very funny!).

Today we celebrate about how great our mums are and to be very thankful. I thought I would look at the role a few mums have played or could play on their daughter’s big day. Some take the honour, as below, of walking their little girl down the aisle.

I have been to several weddings now where both parents walk their daughter down the aisle and I think it is a lovely way to include your mother in your big day.  However, it is not always that practical when a church is involved, as there is just not enough room!

I was very lucky that my mum made our wedding cake for our big day and it was AMAZING! (Thanks again mum! xx).  You could also have your mum do a reading on your special day or even do a speech. There are so many ways they can get involved. Also don’t forget about your Mother-In-Law to be!  I took mine to my final dress fitting with me, which she loved.

I love the idea of this photo, recreating a scene your parents did on their wedding. It would be a great mothers day gift if you had managed to do it without her knowing!

Don’t forget once the papers are signed and the food is eaten, that your new mother-in-law has a dance with her son!

Have a wonderful day if you are a mum and if you are a daughter, make sure you spoil her rotten!


Photos: All credits can be found on my Pinterest Board.