Time travels a lot quicker when your pregnant! I am pregnant as the photo suggests and heading towards a mid April due date, at a great rate of knots.  So much to do and so little time both professionally and personally.

I am currently almost 34 weeks and the bump is touching the desk and my 2 year old daughter is rather bemused by my size and the number of ‘new’ things appearing in the house. One thing about this pregnancy is that it has meant that I am much more focused on what is important. Trying to stop daydreaming about new themes, the mobile app and migrating our NZ/AU sites over, instead focusing on the here and now. Making sure our new clients are happy and getting the best possible experience, ironing out any issues quickly and scheduling blogs, Facebook and Twitter posts to give me some slack on the other side.

When working for yourself there is no one to fall back on…..OK so my husband is AWESOME, (I hope he reads this!). He is the one that developed the original NZ/AU site so is on hand with his techy knowledge.  We also have a great team at Skyblue Creations that know the site inside and out. However this site should just run itself.  It is all template driven and its simplicity for both me and all our users. If you are actually talking to me, then there is a problem and that is not good. So with the last upgrade done and lots of wedding invitations flying off the server, I am confident that things will be just fine.

So let the final few weeks begin….watch this space for news for Tiny T’s arrival!